Download 9200TReadFiles 0.89: A program designed to translate the raw data from the 9200T into a .ts file,  readable from your PC.

Basically; connect your 9200T drive to a PC through Windows (2k or greater), you need to know the Physical Drive #, which you can obtain through Windows (or just try from 1-9 until it is recognised as a 9200T drive).

Run the program and press the 'Read filelist from 9200T' button, if you select an item it will display the EPG text.

 Select the recordings to transfer to the PC by clicking on the 'check-box'. Once you have selected an item, the 'Copy files to PC' button will become active.

As the files are copied a check-mark replaces the transfer icon. If the filename already exist an error symbol is displayed and the file is not overwritten.

Once your selection have been copied the start/end time is displayed and only the exit button is available.